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Vision Impact is now a house of Photography, Printing & Consultancy

Actually, Vision Impact started from November, 1991 as a Photographic Club of Dhaka University, when I was student .The aim of this Club is to enrich our knowledge on Photography and thus to encores antiviolence activity through Photography. At that time, Dhaka University Campus was very unrest for it's campus violence. In this point of view, I established Vision Impact and held my 1st Solo Photographic exhibition in Art Institute Gallery (Zainul Gallery) 23-30 November, 1991.However, I became a Member of Bangladesh Photographic Society and also worked in several leading dailies in Bangladesh as a Photojournalist / Reporter, a Contributor of International Magazine from Bangladesh, I introduced © Copyright in this sector which is a milestone in Photography of Bangladesh. After that some way, Vision impact divert as my Owner firm

It was Ten years ago, with several Renown Govt. / non-govt. Organization's / Clients, get warm appreciation from that firm. Vision Impact first thorough is to take great care of their Client and very much Conscious about 'Quality and Commitment'

Terms and Conditions:
1.Stock per Photograph BDT.6,000 -10,000 (One time use only publication charge)

2. Official program /occasions indoor coverage maximum within 3 hours documentation per roll Photographer’s exposure charge @ BDT.3,000 - BDT.4,000 Only, Including one set 4R size bromide print

3. Official assignment / occasions that will be coverage outdoor like documentation for example, special instructions offered by the Client direction etc. Its Photographer’s exposure charge between @ special BDT.4,000 - BDT.5,000 per roll including one set 4R bromide print

4. Before any documentation / assignment coverage 50% advance will paid by the Organization / Client, other 50% will payable within 7-15 working days

5. Without any written agreement about Copyright between vision Impact and Organization's / Client's, Photographer will be owner of the copyright of those Photographs, which assignment / documentation done by the Photographer. If Photographs publish in any media Photographer Credit / Printer's line will be mention

6. Photographer will make any decision regarding for any special Photograph

7.Without any written agreement, if anybody/company use any of my Photographs he / company should have to pay per Photograph BDT.12,000 for One time publishing compensation

8. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of Bangladesh

Vision Impact, would like to introduce, significant new idea on Photography & Printing / Publications sector that will be called Consultancy. It's payment's mode settle with discussion with the client

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