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Concert of the Crowd Text:

Chariot races were popular festival in Indian Sub-continent during the Vedic era. The races still exist in Miniature from in Bangladesh as Chariot festival. Ancient holy book Rig Veda cited that the Gods used kaleidoscopic Chariot as their carrier to war fields. To commemorate these holy war's Chariot festival is observed by thousands of people in Various parts of Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Just a way from the the out skirts of Dhaka, 'Joshomadhav's Chariot' at Dhamrai conducts the festival for over 400 years.People of all ages including women, children and senior Citizens visit Dhamrai at least once a year to celebrate the ritual. 'Rathdekha…Kola Becha'

(See Banana…while seeing the Chariot) is an old Bengali saying meant for more cautious people who aim to earn easy money from the visitors. In simple words, the festival could be defined as the 'Concert of the crowd'.
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