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Press Media and International Personalities Commented about Bayazid Akter's works:

Dr. Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh, Managing Director of Drik Picture library and Several times Jury of WORLD PRESS PHOTO while Inauguration his 2nd Solo Photography Exhibition, La Galerie, Banani, Dhaka in 1993 Commented for his written Message 'A faint twilight glow forms a gentle backdrop to fiery cacophony of torches spewing fumes to sky. The scarlet reflections dance on the lapping waves. A deity rises above it all, taking a last look above the flames before she sinks in the sea. Hundreds of miles away, in a swirling cityscape, streaks of city lamps dance to a different tune. Rickshaws, cars, baby Taxis, twirl at a giddy pace encircling the city's latest extravaganza, like a giant ball and stick model of some ridiculous molecule, the SAARC fountain. Villagers from afar gather round this metal spectacle, an instamatic immortalized the family in front of the city Icon. As in the stiff portraits in front of Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, they gather proof that they were there. In stark contrast, an expansive moody sky, pensive with heavy clouds, watches over a tiny figure jutting over a cliff edge, the cliff itself dark, solid and brooding echoes the sky's temperament. Back at the sea, the same blue and white, paints a different mood. Fishing nets sway gaily in the breeze. One can hear the flapping of wet cloth, the lapping of the waves, share the gay abandon. But rather quiet observation of a young man who takes us on a gentle sojourn. We are taken by the hand through places takes that he knows and loves, and meet people who trust him. Bayazid is also a writer and with a Camera added to his arsenal will surely develop into a perceptive witness of our time.'

Another Personalities Dr. A.R.KHAN, Department of Applied physic & Electronics, University of Dhaka commented for his written message ‘It gives me great Pleasure to wish this solo Photographic Exhibition of Mr. Bayazid Akter all the Success. Bayazid, who happens to be a M. A. final years student of the Dhaka University, has immense talent for Photography. He has a Keen eye both for the content and form of his subject and ample technical ability to capture and present most effectively.
I am sure one day he will reach great height in the field of Photography and bring fame and glory of the people of our country.

In 2000, 'Unity and Diversity'© Bayazid Akter 5th Solo Photographs Exhibition held in Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. Several National News Daily / Magazine published his Exhibition review like…The Bangladesh Observer, Dhaka, Tuesday June 27,2000 in Observer Entertainment in Title on the 'Bayazid's Photographs highlight Unity'… Bayazid Photographs center around the major event of our National life. Under the head line of 'Unity and Diversity ' he forged to unite people on several occasions. Among these he focused on three major events-The Victory day's, The Charka Worship, The Chariot Festival. A part from these three albums his other pictures also depict our Society. But they depicted it from the different point of view. The pictures named,' Unity and Diversity'-1, has a symbolic significance of the campus violence of the Universities. It is a picture of a monkey and a dog standing peacefully with a same chain in front of a wall on the Dhaka University Campus. The wall was inscribed with letter to defend violence. The peaceful co-existence of the monkey and the dog seemed to mock at the internal and quarrelsome students. Bayazid informed he took the picture soon after the killing of two students on the campus. A few of his works occupies nature. But when he focused on nature came to his Camera with liveliness. His zoomed pictures on some flower where simply beautiful. He is the first and only register of the copyright Photographer in Bangladesh. But our Country has An established practice to break the copyright in every sector.

One of the review Published in 'Weekend' The Daily Independent in its Arts section June30, 2000; on the Title ' Bayazid Akter: Lens Capturing life…Commented …Life comes in two ways, one is mobile rhapsody and the Other in still magnificence. Booth are in their own individual ways captivating. Bayazid Akter is a Photographer whose lens has taken life in both its representations. Bayazid's works are singularly distinct in the way that there Seems life in them. No, the pieces are not just inanimate objects, the scenes Capture have a message to relay. Yes they are vocal, this silent eloquence is what that makes them irresistible. In good morning Bangladesh ensemble, the photographer takes a different path by bringing in a Bangladesh that is free of jams, pollution and noise. Early morning rays pierce through the lines of palm trees; the piece is desolate but stunningly enchanting. But it's not only the early morning beauty that attracts here, there is an invisible coat tranquility that covers it and something you just can't ignore. One Rickshaw stands by a pole on which the line" May peace prevail on Earth" is written on the backside of the vehicle a woman is Seeing praying, maybe for that elusive thing called peace. Very expressive and powerful this is one of Bayazid's best works.

The Muktakantha…
published a review entitled 'Victory of youths at Bayazid's Camera' on June 24, 2000 where a caption of a rare Photo is 'Universal truth'. It's a picture of a rural girl, dressed beautifully and eyes taped by black clothes.

A review on Bayazid Akter's Photographs Exhibition was published on June 27,2000 in The daily Ajkerkagoj… where a large number of Photographs on three events with Photo story mainly on 'Victory day Fairs' were displayed. All Photos touched the heart of the visitors and earned reputation due to excellent composition of those Photographs.

In another review on 'Bayazid Akter and his Photography' Published on June 18, 2000 at The daily Matribhumi... It was mentioned tha Bayazid moves dawn to dusk with his Camera in search of natural beauties of rural Bangladesh. Photographs of men, women, children, flowers, trees, birds, rivers, fairs, cultural programs, processions and may other things become lively in his Camera.

The weekly Magazine 'Bichitra' also published a review on 'Bayazid Akter- Unity and diversity' on June 30, 2000. It termed Bayazid's recent Photographs exhibition at Alliance Francaise de Dhaka gallery as extra-ordinary one where many Photographs. Were displayed. Some captions of his Photographs were 'Waiting for Goddo-1, 2,3, 'The Heron point' 'Universal truth' 'Riverside' 'The sky and the concert' etc.

Another fortnightly Magazine 'Shaily'… carried out a write-up entitled 'Unity and Diversity' of Bayazid at its (year & vol. 13) August 16, 2000 issue. The report said that Bayazid's Photographs are not merely simple pictures but thy reflect history of the subjects. His Photographs also represent a profound sense of natural beauties. The report termed his Photography as portrayal of agony, love and civilization. His mastery lies in choosing subjects of his works. The Magazine quoted Aristotle's comment while evaluating Bayazid's works. Aristotle wrote, 'MEN COME TOGETHER IN CITIES IN ORDER TO LIVE'. And truly the city reflects life at it's greatest intensity, for it represent the most powerful, complex, coordinated and dynamic Structure of civilization.
One of his Photographs is a woman Rickshawpuller Amena Begum of Comilla and this rare Photograph has special value as spot news or news Photography.

Mr. Jim Monan, Social Development Consultant of the DFID, Department for the international Development, Bangladesh Certified for his works in December 3,2000, 'Certify that for the last three weeks Mr. Bayazid Akter has worked with me as the Photographer on a publication. This commission was under taken on the behalf of the British High Commission and its aid Programme in Bangladesh. Mr. Akter's work was of the highest quality. I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone needing a local Photographer.'

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